7 Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

June 16, 2019

7 Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

So many people love pets as their children. It is important to get them a pet-themed gift that they will cherish. It can be for them or their favorite pet but be sure that they appreciate the idea of your gift. If you need a custom unique gift, we have gathered  7 custom gift options that pet lovers will cherish.

Regardless of what you choose, remember to customize the gift with a photo or name of your friend’s pet to add an extra touch.
1. Animal Toy Planters

This toy planter is a great gift for various animal lovers. It can be customized with the name or picture of any animal you love. You can also select bright colors to elevate the fun, especially when used as a funky décor. Ensure that you select the safest plant for the pet.  

2. Customized Pet Bed

A place to sleep in style for your friend’s pet is not a bad idea. Pet owners will love the look of a personalized pet bed with the thoughts of how their pet will feel on a plush bed. After all, they are also members of the family.

3. Photo Tote Bag

A reusable shopping bag is another gift that everyone appreciates. Your pet lover friend will cherish a gift that helps them display their precious pooch to the world especially when they are not together.

4. Dog Leash

Do you remember the childhood tie-dye crafts? Yes, we can also make a tecni-color dog leash that would be perfect for any friend or family who loves seeing dogs in their weddings. This way, their puppy can also make a statement down the aisle.

5. Custom Food Container
Your dog food can be kept in an easily accessible place for meal times. However, the usual dog food packaging might not be generally attractive. If you have a friend that cherish home décor, you can bestow special painting upon this food storage container to keep it classic. A black, gold or white color will be nice.

6. Suitcase Bed

Do you know someone that chose traveling as a hobby? Do they want to ensure that their pets are comfortable at home especially when they are not around? A suitcase pet bed can be used to combine the two loves.  So many customization options can be achieved when you combine colors and patterns. Yes, you can create something they will cherish.
7. Felt Craft Kitties
If you want to prove extra crafty, you can try a stuffed figurine as a unique way of expressing your inner crazy cat woman. Ensure that the colors you choose are a replica of the pet. This will enable your friend to take it to work and display it on their shelf. It will be almost similar to the real thing.
Pets are amazing members of the family. Hence, it is natural that we take good care of them. Your family and friends will appreciate the fact that you gave them a gift with their favorite pet being considered.

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