Large 18 kg to 21 kg Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

Large Himalayan salt lamps bring all the harmony and bohemian style of all natural Himalayan pink salt crystals to your home with this breathtaking lamp. The subdued, rosy pink hue of the crystal blends in beautifully with nearly any colour scheme or home decor. This peaceful Himalayan rock lamp comes complete with electrical fittings and 15 watt light bulb. Enjoy the warm glow and positive vibes of this gorgeous pink healing salt lamp.

Product Info

An 18 kg - 21 kg  salt lamp. 100% natural Himalayan salt. The size and shape of this product may vary due to the natural properties of Himalayan salt.

Price includes salt lamps electrical fittings with UK 3 pin plug and PYGMY 15watt standard clear bulb.

Electrical fittings fully comply with all CE electrical safety standards.

Please be aware that there are a lot of Salt lamps out there claiming to be Himalayan rock salt but in fact are not and are using cheap salt and cheap bases.

Our Salt lamps are made from the highest & Finest AAA Grade Himalayan Salt Crystal Quality,
We Won’t Beaten on Crystal Quality, Product Quality, Design Quality, Shape Quality

Dimensions are an estimate:

Height: 37cm

Width: 21cm

A natural ion generator is a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Studies have shown that the negative ions produced by the Himalayan Salt Lamp help to reduce the positive ions (molecules that have lost an electrical charge, cation) that are produced by EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) Pollution. This can come from electrical appliances and devices.

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