About Us

Cutting Edge Gifts from My Family to Yours

I started CraftyPics about 2 years ago as a way to earn some extra money. My wife had been diagnosed with cancer, and we were struggling to cover the expenses. I took on a second job, and began designing and crafting for Etsy in my remaining free time. I started coming up with new ways for people to display their most beloved memories, and after a lot of hard work, the shop began to grow.

Thankfully, my wife has now fully recovered, and has even been able to return to her career. But CraftyPics had grown so much in that time that I couldn't imagine leaving the shop. So many people found joy in the innovative designs that started out as a necessity has become something of a calling.

Our Products:

At CraftyPics, I offer a range of unusual and futuristic ways to preserve your treasured memories and show off your favourite fandoms.

From portraits to family photos to landscape panoramas, CraftyPics has all sorts of ways to immortalize that special moment. I use the latest in sublimation techniques to create a permanent bond between your image and the product.

Laser Displays
Have you ever wanted a holographic display of the Enterprise that even a Starfleet admiral would envy? How about a Delorean that October 21st, 2015 couldn't even dream of? I use the finest laser technology and high-grade acrylic to create these memorable designs.

Carved Lamps and Home Decor
My unique wood lamps and decorative pieces add a touch of wonder to any room. Whether it's creating a fairy tale scene or illuminating the room with a soft, other-wordly glow, these intricately carved pieces will earn plenty of comments from your guests.

So please, browse through my listings to discover something that really sparks your interest.